The Goal

To grow a fund which reinstates the Full Merit Scholarship for all Olin students.


By reducing the cost of Olin, we make Olin’s world class education available to the widest variety of students possible. Graduating debt free enables alumni to pursue their passions and concentrate on career and life advancement without the worries of debt.


We've signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Olin, which spells out the details. Here are the basics:


The amounts that have been awarded to students each year.


We'll periodically update our progress below.

Financial Model

What Olin endeavor would be complete without a model? The highlighted rows are actuals at the end of the fiscal year. Change our assumptions, if you like.

Year Endowment Distribution # Scholarships


How is this different than the current Financial Aid, Student Scholarships, or Parent Scholarships designations?

The Olin Alumni Merit Scholarship Fund is fundamentally different than those three designations because it is incremental to Olin’s operating budget. This means that this fund provides an additional merit scholarship of $75 (to start) and helps reduce cost for those only receiving merit scholarships. For those receiving need based aid it reduces the need-based aid they receive and increases the merit scholarship total value.